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Chocolate Butter Cream Square

The perfect end to any meal!  Fresh baked chocolate brownie with layered butter creme.  Served warm.  $5.25


Chocolate Pecan Praline Cake

Southern eating at its best.  Fresh baked chocolate cake topped with praline sauce and crushed pecans.  Served warm with whipped topping.  $5.25


Almond Creme Crepe

Delicate & light after a big meal.  Fresh almond creme rolled in a lightly browned crepe and topped with whipped cream.   $5.25


Wanda’s Bread Pudding

An amazing homemade bread pudding topped with a wonderful whiskey sauce, mmmm Good!   $5.50


Vanilla Ice Cream Cup

4 oz of vanilla ice cream.  Perfect for the little ones. $4.95